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ROCK SOLID has now ended. Pursuit of Freedom (next years course) will commence in February 2020

     Rock Solid had now completed semester four. To qualify for the certificate, all home work has to be received by  15 Dec and have participants have met

     the 80% attendance requirement. Please see the registrar to check your status. 

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14 February—04 April 2019

Assessment 1-4

Assessment 5-8

Truth Record

Truth Record HS


02 May—20 June 2019

Assessment 9-12

Ten Day FASTING Challenge


List of Blessings to Pray



SEMESTER FOUR  (Has Cmopleted)

24 October—05 December

If you would like to submit your homework, send you scanned p.d.f. HERE

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All course MP3's are FREE to listen to online for registered students. Downloads can be purchased from the MEDIA page.

Want all terms ONE, TWO, THREE memory verses. They will be available shortly.

Response to Truth Record -Repentance CLICK

Customized Learning 

Our individual uniqueness requires us to identify what our gifts, talents and personality types are.

80% of the worlds population learn better through a "hands on" approach, and yet 80% of our learning institutions are theoretical in application.

Understanding is about application. Our courses are designed to cater for practical instruction in discipleship.

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1 Timothy 4:15 "Throw yourself into your tasks so that others may see your progress".


Progress is visible, and we should not only be growing, but being "seen to grow". The Christian life is a life of influence, and the best way to influence is by our lifestyle. What we DO is always more impacting than what we SAY.

Our growth track enables you to connect and then develop into your God given purpose. Find your place in the process, and your on your way.


ROCK SOLID - Semester one commenced on February 14th 2019. We are mid-way into semester one. Download the brochure and reserve your place now!

Friends Of The Vision

Partners Of Vision

Club 180


Assimilation course

Living Essentials

Kingdom Life

Pastoral Mentoring Programme

Leadership 101

Small Group Leadership

Vision and Values

Growing Big People

Are These Courses Available To None Eden Members?
In The News
"Lesson 32"
Dec 5th
Semester 4 

Held at The Eden Centre 82 The Mall Onehunga. This weeks study is on:

"Why Communion?" Commences semester four !

Church restoration is all about bringing "all things" back to Gods design. Communion is one of the two ordinances which Christ instigated during his ministry time with us.

Gods design for His church is to influence the world with His kingdom principles and character. As we conclude this course with principles of Church restoration, let us prayerfully consider how we can influence our world, Gods way.

Registrations are open for one more week, for semester four.


it's important to finish as well as we start, so please ensure all homework is up to date by Thursday 13th October. 

"TREASURE"  chest, is BEING updated now online and the all audios will be online soon.


Semester FOUR commenced on Oct 24th and manuals will be handed out on the night.

In 2020 we will also run:

Friends of The Vision (2 hrs)

Partners of The Vision (4 hrs)

Connect (3 weeks)

Club 180  (6 weeks)

Living Essentials (12 weeks)

Kingdom Life (32 weeks)

Rock Solid (32 week)

Pursuit of Freedom 

Internship (2 days pw for 1 year) 

Certificate presentation will be held 15th December 2019 in our Sunday morning service.  ALL homework, and assessments must be completed and students must meet the 80% attendance criteria to receive certification.


The presbytery  in 2018 was awesome, with some great words for people, and a keen sense of Gods presence with us. Each candidate must provide a 2GB USB stick to receive their recorded word. (See Ps Denise)

More information is available in the chalk board area of the site. The Treasure chest will add additional information on each lesson, and the MP3 is free to listen to online in the members ONLY area.

Remember the study questions are not there to measure intelligence, but understanding.

Study questions are designed to help you meditate on the subject matter; consider it's application and help us grow. We eat daily for nutrition and health. We read the word daily for spiritual growth and maturity.

Develop the habit of eating daily.


JULY 24, 2019

As part of our vision to build the church, we are fully committed to growing you. Kingdom life is not about attracting followers, it's about building people.

At Eden, we are committed to walking you through our growth plan, and helping you find your best kingdom fit.

Knowing God is the first step on the journey

Finding a level of freedom helps us in...

Discovering your fit which ultimately leads to...

Making a difference.

We would love you to find your place in a kingdom expression, so we invite you to join us in making a difference. 

We are a church whose vision and culture is committed to a kingdom perspective. That means we extend who we are beyond the boundaries of where we are.

All of our Thursday evening courses are open to people who share the same kingdom vision as we do, but may not be part of our local church. 

Some specific courses are designed for in-house

training and development. These courses are for our own leadership teams.

Through the year we have specific events with great speakers, which we open to all. Keep in touch with events and contact the team for more information.

Let us help you to find your "fit" in our vision.

EDEN has a well designed growth track which we provide for all levels of maturity. Whether you are looking for answers, learning what Christianity is all about, or a serious student of Gods word, we have a place for you. The best place to start is our Friends and partners of vision courses, which help you to connect and understand our local church.

Next year on Thursday's (2020), we will follow our vision statement, with FOUR semesters and four topics, (as shown in the diagram opposite). The course is called "The Pursuit of Freedom." Further details will be available soon.

Week ONE

Semester three commences Thursday 25th July Please  catch up with your homework, by doing it weekly. Ten minutes a day will give you over an hours study per week. Stick to it!

Please NOTE:

Due to building security, and colder evenings. the front door will be locked at 7:40 pm. Please be on time, or use the rear door via the car park. Or contact 092156369

"Lessons will always  commences at 7:30 pm prompt." 


  Oct 24 2019

Online Learning.

Online training programmes including LE - KL - RS courses. will be online soon and we will be adding more and more of our courses online, streaming and static video with easy to follow material, for those unable to meet each week. No need to play catch up now!


Feb 14, 2019


     I never thought study could be so much fun. I hated school and always felt dumb. Since I completed my course, I now have a real desire to do more.


      So, so practical that I can't wait for the next course to start. The bonus for me was making some good friends that helped me fit into my new church home. I love it and feel like I can start all over again


     Great way to find out about myself. I thought I knew myself, but boy, so much was revealed by Gods Word.


    Never did well at school, so studying and doing tests and homework was real scary. I did it, and now I realise that in God we can be a finisher.






          An initiative of Eden Church , Auckland New Zealand 

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