Each semester there is a manual handed out. It will contain all the that semesters lessons AND questions. The questions need to be answered in order and handed in to the registrar.

Either remove the questions from the manual or download the questions (in PDF format) and then hand them in.

Each lesson begins at 7:30 pm and concludes at 9:30 with a coffee break in between.

Streaming AUDIO of the lesson is free to listen to for one week after the class, for registered students only.

It is accessible by password, sent after registration is complete.

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How does a Class work?

Keep in mind graduation is tied to attendance and completion of tests, homework and term assessments. Having said that, the course is recorded and uploaded one week behind the actual class date. Its available for registered students ONLY. The lesson can be listened to online or purchased as a downloadable file. (temporarily under construction)

Please observe copyright procedures and do not distribute.

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What If I miss a class?
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Absolutely, each week when your homework is handed in, there is an opportunity to review progress. Sometimes, it needs a little more time and privacy. This can be arranged.

Between semesters, we hold a support group for these specific reasons. Don;t let the weeks fly by without talking to someone about your progress.

Can I review my progress?

All life has its seasons, and we need to read them. We cannot plant tomatoes in the middle of winter, and sometimes we need to balance our involvement. However, in my experience, study is as much about the commitment and discipline as it is the information we are gathering.

If you are experiencing difficulties in keeping your study life and family activities balanced, let us know. We are hear to help.

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What if I find it all too much?
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How do I get personal tuition?

We host a support group in between semesters for those wanting support. There is also an online forum, where classmates can help one another with their questions. A focus group is available between semester 1 and 2. Sunday 22nd April over a shared lunch and Thursday evening 26th April. Choose one that suits you time frame.

Semester one 15 February—05 April 2018

Semester 2 10 May—28 June

Semester 3 26 July—13 September

                Semester 4 18th October—06 December                 

What next?
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Our vision statement is: Know God, - Find Freedom, - Discover Purpose, - Make a Difference. When people become vision partners with us, we provide a growth track to help each person develop. Take a look at this track and see where you believe you fit. There is a plan to help.


One simple empowerment key is this: For things to change, the responsibility rests with you, and no one else. Take the initiative and act. Never entrust the initiative to someone else.

PRESBYTERY (What is it)?

A group or body of Elders, or ministers meeting together. The term has many meanings, dependant on the denominational interpretation.

Here at Eden, it is our personal investment into those which have completed all the requirements of our leadership courses by way of prophetic prayer and counsel. We invite respected and gifted individuals to prophetically impart into each individual, (insight, gifts and understanding) on which to build their Christian faith. 1 Timothy 4:14. This year we are privileged to have two such men in our midst. Bruno Knutzen (Copenhagen Denmark) David Dishroon (Tauranga New Zealand). The programme is as follows:

  • Thursday 11th October 7:30-8:30 Presbytery class (all graduates to attend please)

  • Thursday October 18th 10:00 – 2:00 Team Day (normal day)

        7:00 – 9:00 PM Night 1

  • Friday October 19th

        7:00 – 9:00 PM Night 2

  • Saturday October 20th

  1. Leadership Brunch 10:30am – 12:30pm

  2. Trustees Dinner – 7:00 – 9:30 pm

  • Sunday October 21st

        10:00 am “Open” Morning Meeting

        5:00 pm “Open” Five Live Meeting

It is important that each person attend both evenings of presbytery,  17th and 18th as we cannot guarantee the order which our guests will choose to pray for the candidates. The Sunday meetings we will host Bruno Knutzen and he will have the liberty to minister to anyone in the meetings. These are open meetings and a love offering will be taken in both the mroing and evening. Online giving and eftpos can be taken also.

          An initiative of Eden Church , Auckland New Zealand 

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