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Getting the best out of your course.
  1. Always pre-read the weeks lesson before attending
  2. Login and download / copy and additional resources
  3. Work to build a healthy relationship with course members
  4. Spend 30 minutes each day in studying the lesson
  5. Pray - pray - obey.

Preparation- 30 mins per day = 3.5 hrs per week 

As with all study, it should be a little often rather than a lot a little. The purpose of study is to develop your understanding of Gods word and apply it to life. We are not seeking results, but understanding.

Set aside a regular period of study each day. Don't wait until Wednesday evening to do homework, as the purpose of homework is to assimilate the knowledge into your daily experience. Don't lose a weeks understanding by cramming information into the last day of the week.

Anticipation- If you don't expect change, you won't get it. 

Keep in mind; time spent in the word is time spent with Jesus! We grow in Him because we spend time with him. Come to each study with an anticipation of revelation,  anticipation of building relationships, and anticipation of new empowering habits being formed.

Determination Test Prep- 31.5 hours per month

We either fail to plan or plan to fail. Attitude and commitment will always make an average person above average. What separates finishers from starters is commitment. Determination is stick-ability when it doesn't suit. A little a lot is the formula for successful completion. 



Subject Test Preparation  -

1 hour per lesson


Each lesson has a series of questions to be completed. There are NO trick questions, and all the information to answer the questions can be found within that particular study.

Semester Reviews  -

Three times during the course Week 11, 22, 32

 Each study builds upon the last. These are not subjects rather than being principles. Principles build into the whole concept of Kingdom life and understanding. 

Each week, reflect on the previous weeks study and look for the application of that principle. Keep going back over your notes and your answers to the study questions. Remember, we are not assessing intelligence, but heart understanding.

The semester review provides questions from the previous weeks (1-11). A one page questionaire seeks to guage your understanding of the principles and truths of the course thus far. You may use your study notes, the relevant subject matter as an open book assessment. However, you are not expected to "gift" your understanding to someone else. Remember, Kingdom life is all about heart and motive. We gain little by answering questions with someone elses perspective. 

Extra Sessions -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

At the conclusion of each semester,(8 weekly) there will be a small group coffee evening to talk about the completed semester, the highs, the lows and of course the revelation and treasure we dug up.

Keep in mind the end reward of a prophetic presbytery in which we will fast, pray, seek, and impart Gods wisdom / word for each successful student. So lets enter the training zone with:

Preparation - Anticipation - Determination

One-to-One Test Preparation Program

          An initiative of Eden Church , Auckland New Zealand 

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